An integrated online system geared towards simplifying logistics for carriers & customers alike..

Complete team model for end-to-end development and integration.

Australian fast-growing start-up providing the biggest network of collection points locations for the tier 1 logistics provider including the likes of Toll, DHL, TNT/FedEx, CouriersPlease, etc. They have an ongoing partnership with Australian news agencies, convenience stores to provide pick-up and drop-off locations for the courier partners.
Interdent uses Legacy mainframe system in its clinics to manage electronic patient data, insurance processing and automate dental clinical management. Each day the data is synced back to the head office.
They have a proprietary solution which had been built using the latest technology stack. They had been working with a business based in Sydney to manage the solution. The technology strength was not able to keep up with their growth and they were looking for a technology partner which would allow them to scale at free will.
  • Limited growth potential with the original technology team and higher cost
  • Large technical debts because of rapid growth and required turnarounds
  • Growing volumes required performance optimization
  • Strong technical strengths were required internally to support the strategic partnerships
  • 7

  • 2

    Solution Architect &
    Project Manager
  • 13


The dashboard was a result of several technologies working behind the scene.
  • Web Application: Angular, Express.js, Node.js
  • Mobile (Android/iOS): React Native
  • Database: MongoDB

Some of the direct benefits from the deployed solution are as follows –
  • A dedicated team of 6 members was assigned to take over the product development from the existing team at a marginal rate.
  • Increase in the technical strength led to faster delivery of the new features and finishing up the technical debt, preparing Hubbed for next expansion.
  • Strategic partnerships become a reality. Hubbed partnered with 7Eleven to support its product development. A dedicated team of 9 members was assigned dedicatedly for development of 7Eleven project totalling the size to 15 members.
  • Self-consumable generic APIs were designed to open up the platform for expansion to Tier2 and Tier 3 partners.
  • Onboarding time was reduced from a few months to a few days.
  • The system had been optimized for scale-up