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Survey based web & mobile application for a financial market research firm.

Our customer is a renowned leader in Australian financial market research and analysis. They have been into this for years now, and have collaborated with various reputed institutions and companies to conduct financial performance analysis and benchmarking and make it available for corporates, brokers, investors, and alike.
The entire project is divided into three phases, each focusing on the different aspects of the financial parameters. In the first phase, the focus was on:
  • Building an easy to use platform, synced for both web & mobile,
  • Reformating the stocks linked to multiple indexes and sectors so it’s clear to the users, and
  • Establishing a centralized data for the admin so they get real-time insights on the user’s survey status and details
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    Business Analyst
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    Software Engineers

After a thorough market and competitor research, we suggested building both web & mobile application with responsive functionality for MarketMeter- MEAN Stack and React Native.
The MarketMeter application is built in two parts: user and the admin. The first is exclusive to the respondents. The survey form has seven steps - including ratings, stock information (list, status), open questions and more. The user is shown one step at one time, and all the parts are auto-saved. So, if they want, they can abandon the survey at any time and come back to it once free. All the questions (steps) are well-presented and easy to fill in.
The admin has a centralized view of all the data feeds and user activity flow. This highly eliminates any chance of human error.
Tech Stack
  • React Native
  • Angular 5
  • Node.js

For a recently launched application, MarketMeter has been performing extremely well - the mobile app was launched just weeks ago.
  • They have already gathered survey details from 70 respondents with a 210% success rate, till now
  • The time of response was cut short by 60%
  • Centralized data (admin view) for financial market research & corresponding analysis
  • Real-time and on-demand user activity monitoring (admin view)
  • Easy-to-fill online survey; divided into seven steps that can be completed into parts
  • Access from anywhere; both mobile & web data is synced

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