A web-based, interactive digital platform helping travelers plan trips with proper guidance..

An interactive platform to bring travelers and travel experts together.

Planning a trip is one of the most exciting things in one’s life — especially when you are traveling to somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere new. However, with minimum or no real-life guidance on places to visit, cost distribution, and whatnot, any trip can turn into one of your biggest nightmares.
This is exactly what Roaming Duck wishes to resolve — a powerful online platform that could help travelers plan trips with proper guidance, be it through a travel expert with several years of experience under their belt or via traveler’s own friends.
With a clear picture of effortless traveling experience, the team approached us to build the digital product for them. They wanted a platform that could run on both mobile and web OS, without interruption.
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After a thorough market and competitor research, we suggested a web application with responsive functionality for Roaming Duck. MERN stack, with its wide full-stack library and features, served as the core technology for the MVP. Being cost effective and easily accessible option, a web application with the responsive feature was perfect for the travelers and travel experts who are always on the move.
We suggested a two-view dashboard for the platform which shows the itinerary side and the chat side simultaneously. This allows the user to make decisions quickly and effectively.
The resulting platform works for three types of users: the Traveler, Travel Expert, and the Admin.
The traveler can apply for trip review, conduct a one-on-one chat with a travel expert based in the travel location, prepare an itinerary, book tickets, all at one place. An agent can get jobs based on their location and help the traveler with planning and booking. Super Admin administrates the agents, assigns them ‘jobs’, and manages the overall platform.
Tech Stack
  • MERN Stack
  • Node.js

The application is laden with a lot of interesting features
  • Two-view dashboard with chat (one on one and group) functionality & itinerary section (with add, edit and delete functionality)
  • ‘Get Job’ feature (Agent view)
  • Social buttons for link sharing and direct invitation
  • Budget calculation feature (Traveler View)
  • Real-time chat feature (message + document sharing)
  • Ticket & Accommodation Booking function (Traveler + Agent view)

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