System Administrator

Job Location: Chandigarh
Job Type: Permanent
Number of Openings : 2
Experience Required : 2 - 4 years


  • Proactive and reactive problem identification and rectification/resolution
  • Manage LAMP Stack, LEMP Stack Servers
  • Basic Database Management with MYSQL and MSSQL
  • Provide support to Development Team whenever required
  • Monitor the logs and services of various production servers
  • Involve in deploying Web Servers in AWS and Azure Cloud platform.


  • Working experience with Dedicated Hosting and shared Hosting
  • Experience in Linux Web Servers- Apache2 and Nginx
  • Experience in LAMP Stack and LEMP Stack Setups
  • Basic Administration on database - MYSQL, MSSQL
  • Good in Linux Command Lines tools and Server Monitoring/backups setups.
  • Basic understanding on DevOps Concepts with tools like Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Codepipline etc. will be an add on

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