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We believe in endless possibilities. Our highly trained workforce is adept at meeting challenging requirements promptly and professionally. We guarantee the best of our services to our clients through our goal-oriented and agile approach. We grow in a culture of continual improvement and are constantly learning and exploring new avenues.

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Core Values

We engage every project with focus and purpose. We are not okay with just okay; we know great work comes through constant pushing the ‘good enough’ wall. And we do it every time we work on something. Each of our team members is diligent and committed to what’s to be done.

Personal Approach

Each project is unique, and hence, we take time understanding the "why" behind every project we take on. We brainstorm, and together, we come up with a solution that is feasible and solves the problem in hand. We build, we measure, we prototype, we test and test again.

Self Organised Teams

We don’t do pile-ons. Our secret to success lies in our ability to self-organise and adapt to any situation. We prefer working in small teams who know and own the problem at hand. No extra layer, no obstacles, easy flow of information, tight feedback loops - everything we need to deliver fast.

Strong Relationships with Customers

Since our inception 18 years back, we’ve encountered many great minds, amazing people who worked with us. They came to us with a story, a vision they want their product to reflect. For us, clients aren’t just people we’re helping, they are Classic Informatics’ critical team members.

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