Tomorrow-Proofing Enterprise Business Workflows And Applications With Our Migration & Modernization Services.

We provide a full-range of migration & integration services to Enterprises fine-tune their business workflows. Be it taking an existing application to cloud or custom integrations between multiple systems. We help make your legacy applications tomorrow-proof.

Agile & Efficient Applications

We help re-engineering your legacy apps into database applications that scale & update easily, allowing your applications to be agile & efficient.

Custom Value Addition

We re-create legacy applications to your specifications; whether you need a specific component or re-architecture complex business workflows.

Re-enable Unsupported Systems

Our developers help migrate & integrate applications into newer ecosystems so that it can support otherwise unsupported systems.

Streamline Business Processes

With fully-ported application in hand, businesses can leverage them to address their customised requirements and increase productivity.

Our Expertise Spectrum

  • Gap Analysis & Health Assessments
  • Remediate & Re-Platform Applications
  • Interoperability & Web Enablement
  • End to End Re-engineering Solutions
  • Dedicated Maintenance & Support Teams

Classic Informatics holds complete expertise in migrating and modernising your legacy apps and systems.
  • Cloud Migration and Support
  • Enterprise Service Bus Implementation (ESB)
  • Dedicated Migration & Integration Specialists
  • Technology Porting & Support
  • Point-to-point Integration
  • Hub-and-spoke Integration
  • Application Upgrades & Scaling

Here’s How We Work

Dedicated Teams

We help you set up an agile team of developers, strategists & project manager around expertise you’re looking for. You’ll have full control over the extent of involvement of the team.
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Remote Developers

We provide dedicated developers to those who prefer direct engagement without any management layers. They work exclusively for you, in any project you wish them to be in.
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Managed Projects

Our managed projects model allows you to get your projects fully handled by our team selected by you. Share your requirements & get started now!
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Why Should You Partner With Classic Informatics?

At Classic Informatics, we have the experience and staying power you’re looking for in a web development partner. Unlike others, we don’t just say, we deliver.


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Supreme Quality
Each product we deliver goes through strict quality control. You don’t have to worry about quality, ever.
Seamless Communication
Our team members are open, collaborative & accessible. We make sure to address your queries and doubts fast, regardless of the time-zone you’re in.
Transparency & Accountability
We keep it transparent with our clients. You'll get a clear insight into all aspects of the work, budget, spend, scope & beyond.
Deep Tech Expertise
Our team members are constantly exploring and engaging new technologies to meet the growing needs of the customers.
Top-Tier Talent
We invest a lot of time choosing the cream of the crop talent. Each Classic Informatics team member undergoes a rigorous selection process and is handpicked to serve.
Post-Release Support
Our services don’t stop at deployment. We provide seamless post-release support so you can present your product to end-users with full confidence.

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