As a Startup entrepreneur, you might often ask yourself questions like how I can deliver top-class features and high-quality experience to my customers, or how much cost does it incur.

I am sure you want to get all things done at one go. After all, providing seamless user experience to the customers should be your primary concern to get faster results and increase ROI.

So, what do you think? Is this possible?

Undoubtedly, the answer is yes. It’s none other than Progressive Web Apps.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are commonly known as PWAs that are the web apps lookalike of native web apps. PWAs are mobile-friendly and platform-independent. They provide a native app-like experience to its customers. PWAs websites are developed using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Simply putting, PWAs are an extended version of native apps. It facilitates you to send push notifications and is highly responsive. No need to install the app on your device to use it.

Progressive Web Apps can be loaded directly from a web browser and does not consume any storage space.

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Benefits of Progressive Web Apps To Users:

  • Progressive Web Apps facilitate fast load time and work seamlessly both on high and low bandwidth networks.
  • It occupies less phone storage space on devices.
  • The Progressive Web Apps can be loaded directly from the websites. So, it gives you a hassle-free installation.
  • Provides you with an app like experience but are not apps in reality. Not necessary to be launched on any app store or play store.
  • Don’t have to maintain and push updates of apps separately as PWAs can be updated along with the website.
  • Progressive Web Apps include push notification features and can access a specific certain in-built device features which all hybrid apps cannot.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps To Small Businesses:

  • The development cost of the Progressive Web App is comparatively cheaper than developing a native application.
  • Progressive web apps deliver services fast and let business enterprises to focus on business goals.
  • Business entrepreneurs save money on development and promotion of an app. 

Why Develop Progressive Web Apps?

  • Progressive Web Apps are highly responsive. PWAs are mobile devices friendly. They can auto-adjusts the layout according to the device.
  • PWAs are more secured as compared to the old ones.
  • It can also work on low data networks. PWAs are considered reliable despite network flaws. There is not a big difference between PWAs and native apps.
  • It is quite similar to the native app providing similar features like push notification, system integration, display icon on the home screen etc.
  • There is an easier installation process in PWAs apps. It lets users avail the features instead of installing the bulky native app.
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Is it crucial For Startups Growth?

In today’s fast-moving digital world, every startup has to buckle up all the things to get their idea to transform into a brilliant one.

Startups are required to build strong clientele and business to accomplish their goals.

Developing and deploying Progressive Web Apps are easier and less time taking. It incurs less cost in terms of maintenance.

  • Progressive Web Apps are compatible with all platforms. It gives the platform independence to reach a larger base audience.
  • While Progressive Web Apps development, new doors are open for alternative marketing efforts. It permits you to be creative with your customer approach.
  • It is considered crucial for e-commerce startups. Push notifications and fast loading of pages are the game-changing features.

In the End

Progressive Web Apps are well equipped with the latest features and functionalities from both worlds-mobile and web apps- push notifications, offline mode, background support etc. These features provide new opportunities for new startup entrepreneurs to reach a large target audience and better user engagement.

Don’t you think it’s worth considering?

Yes, it is. So, all the new-aged startups and small scale businesses can achieve better results by spending less development cost and time. If you want you can consult a good web development company who can help you in developing the best PWAs in no time and less cost.

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Tanya Kumari

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