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Having over 18 years of experience in the distributed offshore development model, we have mastered it over the natural course of time. We help businesses of all scales and verticals setup distributed Agile teams with us. We provide both dedicated and extended agile teams for all. Our focus is on realising core business objectives & unparalleled quality of work.

Agile Development Teams

We help you create remote agile teams that work exclusively for you. This team is built from client’s specifications and helps meet dynamic requirements at a much faster pace, follow an iterative development process for faster releases and reduce time to market & deployment.

Individual Remote Developers

We offer specialised solo developers and engineers to clients that prefer being hands on. Whether you need a tech specialist or an independent development consultant, these remote full-stack specialists can be a great asset to your project.

Maintenance and Support

Our highly experienced team of maintenance and support specialists specialise in maintaining and supporting mission critical applications in all different tech-stacks be it Microsoft, Open-source or Market ready platforms.

Independent Testing Services

We offer independent testing teams to Enterprise and large scale businesses. Our testing engineers specialise in both manual and automated testing. Our QA infrastructure consists of hundreds of devices and software to identify, track and report bugs & issues.

Our Agile Development Approach

With certified Agile scrum masters leading our Agile teams, we specialise in hybrid Agile methodologies that fit customised requirements in order to deliver with speed and high precision. Our development teams are autonomous and are hands-on with new-age Agile development models such as Kanban, Scrum, Extreme Programming (Agile XP).

Benefits of our Agile Teams

as an agile software development company, we provide dedicated and extended development teams that specialise in end to end solutions. Based on your requirements, you can assemble your own team consisting of programmers, strategists, maintenance specialists, test engineers & more.
We are Agile practitioners who are offering full-spectrum development services. You get a speedy set-up of teams and need not spend hours training them.
With our hybrid engagement model, we also offer a dedicated account manager overlooking your project in Australia to provide complete transparency.

  • Interview Before Hiring
  • Full Technology Stack Expertise
  • Agile-Scrum Certified
  • Microsoft Gold Partners
  • Time-zone Flexibility
  • Amazing Comm. Skills
  • Speedy Set-Up
  • Easy Process Management
  • Administrative/Recruitment Savings

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